Receive specialized legal data feeds and APIs directly from Fastcase & Docket Alarm.


Let us work with you to customize the legal data feed your firm needs to stay current and add context to your database, product, or service.


Legal data feeds can be sent in a format that meets your requirements, including bulk access and direct delivery of legal data to 3rd party dashboard applications.


Many legal data feed and API solutions for lawyers originate from novel use cases partners have brought to us. Let's discuss your unique needs to determine the best legal data solution.

Fastcase Primary Law

Leverage Fastcase’s data to bolster your firm's research and analytics projects. Filter information to retrieve information using library types such as statutes or regulations, and keywords such as "COVID-19" or "Class Action".
Raw data feeds delivered in a variety of formats to meet your requirements including JSON, XML, LDML, and more.
Fastcase’s unique Public Linking feature allows direct access to any document in Fastcase, even without an active Fastcase subscription. You can even personalize public links with your branding or specify documents with Boolean search queries.

Docket Alarm Briefs, Pleadings, Motions & Orders

Docket Alarm data delivered specific to your needs, including access to over 400 million documents and docket sheets from federal courts, agencies, over 25 state courts, and hundreds of county courts.
Consulting services available to ensure integration opportunities are maximized.
Live data feeds to client dashboards, including Foundation and Salesforce are available.

Sandbox Data Analysis Environment

Fully customizable user-driven data analysis projects.
Project assistance, including editorial ideas, is included to maximize all business development opportunities.
Custom NLP data tagging services available as needed.

Let us help. Call us or live chat us to speak with a Fastcase team member to determine what tools you need to start practicing smarter today.