COVID-19 Case Alerts – Monthly Subscription

COVID-19 Case Alerts is a subscription email service to keep you on top of new civil opinions, selected pleadings, breaking news, and analyses of legal issues related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Each business day, excluding holidays, Fastcase will deliver a snapshot of the day’s developments on COVID-19, including:

  • Newly decided COVID-19 case law on Fastcase organized by topic, including Business Law, Consumer Rights, Labor & Employment, Insurance, Legislative Relief, Medical Malpractice, and Wrongful Death. Each case includes a brief excerpt and a public link to the opinion. Easily view and share with one click.
  • Selected pleadings available in Docket Alarm
  • News articles from Law Street Media on new COVID-19 litigation and emerging trends
  • Blog posts by LexBlog

Subscriptions are available for individual purchase at $29/month, or $295/year. Click here for the annual subscription option.

Fastcase Bar Partner Members:

This service is available as a free benefit to our Bar Partner Members. To subscribe, login to Fastcase and click on Apps & Tools, where you will find the link to the free subscription sign-up page.

For Enterprise pricing, contact us at or 202-999-4777.

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