International Intellectual Property Arbitration: Through the Lens of FRAND

Full Court Press New Arrivals Staff Picks
Author Michaela S. Halpern
Publisher Full Court Press

Intellectual property is seen as not only the heart of artistry, providing a space for the development of great writers, painters, and musicians, but also a vital seed for innovation. Recognizing the growing demand for efficient and international resolution of intellectual property disputes, this book provides a unique bridge between the two fields by using standard essential patent disputes as a catalyst to demonstrate how intellectual property and international arbitration can develop together, rather than merely examining the application of one field onto the other. The tension between the original conception of intellectual property as involving discrete jurisdictions and the newly emerging extra-territoriality of these rights has made the harmonization of intellectual property a major concern in the international business community. The original framework proposed in this book, derived from two perceived incongruous fields, seeks to contribute to sustaining this essential aspect of our society today and its progress in the future.


Dr. Michaela S. Halpern is an American attorney specializing in international arbitration and intellectual property. She acquired an LLB with honors from the University of Edinburgh, an LLM with honors from Georgetown University, and a PhD from the Queen Mary University of London all before the age of thirty. Dr. Halpern has taught and given lectures in several renowned universities including Reichman University and Queen Mary and published on emerging topics in several esteemed American law journals, including the Stanford Journal of International Law and the Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law. Her private practice experience encompasses both the public and private sector, including the World Bank, Arnold & Porter LLP, and serving as Head of Legal Services at both high-tech and industrial companies. Dr. Halpern also serves as a member of the Advisory Council for the Caroga Arts Collective, a non-profit that promotes music and the arts.