The California Criminal Motions Survival Guide

Full Court Press National Books
Author Judith L. Meyer
Publisher Full Court Press

Adopted from Judith Meyer’s extensive teaching resume and years of courtroom experience as both a prosecutor and judge, the California Criminal Motions Survival Guide is designed to serve as a quick reference for those new to the world of California criminal trials. Meyer’s comprehensive collection of local terms of art and nuanced explanations are not often covered during law school, but are typically learned through experience alone, making this guide an invaluable addition to the bookshelf of new criminal attorneys practicing in California.


Judith Levey Meyer is a Superior Court Judge for Los Angeles County presiding over criminal felony trials. Prior to taking the bench, she was a criminal prosecutor for Los Angeles County and Ventura County. She serves as an instructor for her judicial colleagues and as an Adjunct Law Professor at differing law schools teaching a variety of subjects including: Evidence, Criminal Law and Procedure, Trial Advocacy, Criminal Motions, and Negotiation Theory and Practice. Judge Meyer graduated Magna Cum Laude from Pepperdine University School of Law in 1993.

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