The Global #MeToo Movement

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Author Ann M. Noel, David B. Oppenheimer
Publisher Full Court Press

On every continent, women are using the new tools of social media to confront one of the oldest barriers to equality: the threat of violence, including sexual harassment, as a tool of male supremacy. In The Global #MeToo Movement, produced by the Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality & Anti-Discrimination Law, 48 authors from 28 countries spanning every continent but Antarctica tell the story of how social media has driven a social movement against sexual harassment, and how the law has responded, often by helping men to push back.

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Ann M. Noel, Co-editor, is the Co-Director of the Berkeley Center’s Sexual Harassment Working Group. She is the founder of Noel Workplace Consulting, specializing in legal advice and training on California and federal employment law compliance, especially sexual harassment prevention, disability and leave laws. Through the end of 2012, Noel was the California Fair Employment and Housing Commission’s General Counsel, crafting California’s regulations on mandatory sexual harassment training, disability and pregnancy discrimination, and its chief administrative law judge, adjudicating employment and housing cases, including sexual harassment cases. Noel has written extensively about employment and housing discrimination law, writing and editing practice guides on the Violence Against Women Act, fair employment, fair housing, public accommodations, and hate crimes. She frequently lectures and trains about effective anti-harassment training and investigations, and disability and leave laws.

David B. Oppenheimer, Co-editor, is a Clinical Professor of Law, the Director of the Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law, and the Faculty Co-Director of the Pro Bono Program at Berkeley Law. He was the founding director of the Boalt Hall Employment Discrimination Law Clinic. He is the author of numerous books, book chapters and articles on anti-discrimination law and civil rights history, focusing on U.S. and comparative law, and has lectured on anti-discrimination law at scores of universities around the world. Professor Oppenheimer has litigated sexual harassment, pay equity and other forms of sex discrimination cases, as well as cases of race discrimination, ethnicity discrimination, disability discrimination, religious discrimination, and age discrimination, and has filed amicus curie briefs in the California and United States Supreme Courts. He earned a juris doctor degree from Harvard University. He is a member of the California and United States Supreme Court bars.