Texas Motions in Limine

Full Court Press State Books
Author David N. Finley, Julie Kay Baker
Publisher Full Court Press

Published for the first time with Full Court Press, the new edition of Texas Motions in Limine is a fundamental desk reference for Texas litigators seeking to make or oppose in limine motions. In addition to detailed citations to support moving or opposing briefs, readers will also find guidance for excluding or establishing the admissibility of a wide range of specific types of evidence. This one-stop guide contains case and statute support, sample documents, and everything else needed to file successful evidence motions with expediency.


Julie Kay Baker, Esq., is an attorney licensed by the State Bar of Texas. She attended Texas Tech University School of Law, where she was an associate editor of the Texas Tech Law Review. She served as Briefing Attorney on the Court of Appeals for the Fifth District of Texas at Dallas, and practiced law in the Dallas area. She currently works as a legal consultant and author. In addition to Texas Motions in Limine, Ms. Baker has authored, co-authored and/or edited a number of legal publications in Texas and throughout the United States by Thomson Reuters (West), including Texas Summary Judgment and Related Termination Motions, Texas DWI Handbook (West), and several others.

David N. Finley, Esq., is a litigation attorney and research specialist with extensive experience in motion writing and appeals. He is the creator of Texas Motions in Limine and has also created and contributed to multiple publications published by Thomson Reuters (West), including Federal Motions in Limine and Federal Summary Judgment and Related Termination Motions. He graduated from Hastings College of the Law, where he was a member of the Moot Court Honors Board, a brief writing award recipient, and a moot court teaching fellow. He currently writes freelance motions and appeals and teaches advanced motion drafting and pretrial practice at UCI School of Law, a top 25 nationally ranked law school.

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