The Rulebook: The Definitive Quick Reference Guide for New York Criminal Law Practitioners

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Author Michael Pastrick
Publisher Full Court Press

The Rulebook is an encyclopedic summary and explanation of nearly every rule of common law in New York criminal practice and procedure. Curated by attorney Michael Pastrick over tens of thousands of hours of appellate practice in a career spent writing for New York State’s highest courts, The Rulebook crisply, but thoroughly, explains more than 1,000 common points of law in statements designed for “plug and play” use at all stages of a criminal proceeding. No matter whether you’re on motion, on trial, on appeal, on the bench, or simply studying the law, this indispensable quick reference guide for New York criminal law and procedure belongs on your desk.


Michael Pastrick is a product of New York State’s robust public education system. He has worked as a litigator, has written on complex commercial litigation and constitutional law, and is an educator at the University at Buffalo Law School. Mr. Pastrick has spent the majority of his career as an advisor to the judiciary in New York State courts, including distinguished service as longtime senior counsel to a judge of New York State’s highest court. In his spare time, Mr. Pastrick champions causes including the creation of suburban treatment courts to combat the opioid epidemic and the continued success of the Buffalo Bills. He and his wife, Erin Pastrick, live in Orchard Park, New York. They are the proud parents of two children.

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