Vaccine Risks, Benefits, and Compensation

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Author James T. O'Reilly, Janet G. Abaray
Publisher Full Court Press

As hundreds of millions of people accept vaccination as a means to avoid serious and fatal illnesses like COVID-19, some small portion of that wide group may have medical side effects that are harmful. The legal process, and requisite medical knowledge, for compensating these vaccine recipients is complex and beyond the normal awareness of legal advisors. Vaccine Risks, Benefits, and Compensation delivers answers to the complex questions arising out of vaccine injuries with succinct and pragmatic guidance.


Professor James O’Reilly of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine has authored 55 textbooks and more than 230 articles on safety, health, and medical litigation issues. He has been a frequent advisor and expert witness on liability issues, and his work has been called “The Expert” on medical issues by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Janet Abaray, Managing Partner of the Cincinnati, Ohio, office for nationwide law firm Burg Simpson, has been an active products liability litigator for decades and frequently speaks to liability and safety issues.

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